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Quinn Peavley

Athlete. Gymnast. Competitor.

Quinn The Flippin Pixie.jpg

Get to Know Me

For the Love of Competition

I began gymnastics in January 2018. Within 2 weeks I was asked to train on the Mini Trampoline and Tumbling team! I love to bounce and flip and of course joined. I was 51/2 years old.

Now I am 11 and on the Gold Trampoline & Tumbling Team! I have also started doing Synchronized Trampoline competition!

I have been selected to join the Jumpstart Team with USA Gymnastics 2022/2023. This team is a group of rising stars selected for the Nationals team, We are sent to training camps to develop us into elite athletes who get chosen to represent team USA at International events.

I love to train and I love to compete. My goal is to go to the Olympics!

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